Women's guide to choosing lingerie

Women's guide to choosing lingerie

Women's guide to choosing lingerie ✅

As one of the items you need to wear every day, you need to choose your underwear well! Many women complain that their underwear is not comfortable to wear, and that they are prone to empty cups, slipping straps, and constricting their breasts... 😣 In order to reduce the failure rate of picking underwear, only 3 simple steps to teach you to correctly select the right underwear!

1️⃣ Measure your lingerie size correctly
The size is not simply around a ruler, you must follow the diagram to measure, so that the accuracy rate will be higher.You may find the measurement chart at each of every product page.

2️⃣ Correctly judge the shape of the chest
Most sisters choose underwear based on size only, this is not right! Because each chest type is different, to choose more comfortable underwear, you must recognize the chest type.

3️⃣ Correct selection of bra style
The different breast shapes naturally need to buy the corresponding appropriate style, so that it is not easy to appear empty cup ,pressure chest and other problems!

That's it for the lingerie tips! Follow Holdera instagram for more details !

Take some time to do your homework and find out the right size, shape and style!

So you don't have to worry about buying the wrong lingerie anymore, you can have both style and comfort!

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