What Your Matching Underwear Says About YOU ?

What Your Matching Underwear Says About YOU ?

There is no wrong or right way here, but its says something about your personality.


Match like a boss

For some women, not wearing a matching underwear set ruins their day even though no one can see it.That indicates a somewhat controlled, particular, and perfectionist personality.Women who feel strongly about matching are likely to be bosses or leaders.

Matching your sets, especially if they’re colorful, says you are confident and stylish. Women that they don’t do it for the men or partners in their lives, but rather for their own feeling of fabulousness and because it makes them feel great.


Non-matchers are more creative

The non-matchers, tend to be creative types. More likely to have a go-with-the-flow personality. They don’t need a lot of order; they actually find structure in not having structure.Non-matchers can fall into the “I don’t care” camp, or it could be that they do care about how things feel.These people wear their most comfortable bra and panty separately whether or not they match or are part of a set.This choice is about function and practicality rather than style.


 Whether you love to match perfectly, or like a more go with the flow approach, check out our Holdera.co that you can pick based on your unique style. Pick the one that speaks to you, choose your colors.

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