It is bad to wear a bra to bed?

It is bad to wear a bra to bed?

At first thought, wearing a bra overnight seems uncomfortable.Nobody wants to be poked and prodded while they dream, right? But in reality, some people actually prefer it.

Whether you wear a bra at night is really a comfort preference.Some women are just more comfortable wearing them.

Try avoid sleeping in is a tight, compression sports bra or anything with underwire. When worn for extended periods of time, a compression bra can press down on your lymphatic system, which doesn’t do your body any favors. One wrong move and you could be dealing with some major discomfort (and why sabotage your own sleep like that?). 😅


When it comes to wearing a bra to bed, comfort is key. Purely with comfort soft, breathable fabric, and no hardware. You’re being pleasantly hugged but not trapped.So they are the perfect match for your sleeping needs.



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